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      Shandong Qilu Biotechnology Group

      Shandong Qilu Biotechnology Group

      Address: Chiping Eco- Industrial Zone,Liaocheng,ShandongProvience,China

      Tel: 86-635-4273999 4231069

      Export Department

      Tel/fax: 86-635-4271397

      Contact information of erythritol products

      Manager  Shi  Mobile: 18363558752 

      Manager Zhang Mobile: 15853136633

      Contact information of biosurfactant products:

      Chang Manager Mobile: 15954581090 

      Telephone: 0635-4232400
                   Email: 15954581090@163.com
                   Zip Code : 252100 

      Contact information of organic fertilizer, ammonium sulfate series products
      Manager Bu Mobile: 15865777772
      Manager Du Mobile: 13906354896

      Taobao B2C official website:https://shop140017440.taobao.com/