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        The company always adhere to science and technology, the use of new technologies, new processes to reduce production costs, advanced production equipment and technology, computer-controlled in part of the production process, artificial means of modernization, a number of major technical indicators are ranked in the forefront of the industry for more than ten years.
        The company building Liaocheng glutamic acid fermentation Engineering Research Center, Liaocheng Biological Preparation of organic acid Engineering Research Center, in 2012 by the Organization Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, Shandong Province Science and Technology Department and other departments approved the formation of academician workstation, Shandong 2014 provincial Commission by letter as "Shandong provincial enterprise technology Center", a number of institutions and companies, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, the national food Authority Sciences, Shandong University, Qilu University of Technology, Shandong Normal University, and the University of Liaocheng research institutes to establish long-term cooperative relations, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Normal University and the University of Liaocheng practice test sites. Scientific and technological research and development staff 161 people, with testing, testing and other advanced technology and equipment 150 sets, with strong research and development capacity, to assume a high level of research and development projects.
        In 2006, our independent development of high zinc periodate & selenium nutritional monosodium glutamate production technology, is listed as Shandong Province scientific and technological projects, Compounded with PAL material which is rich of iodine, selenium, zinc etc.,  MSG becomes various and nutritional. In september 2007 "nutritional monosodium glutamate production technology and industrialization" is listed as the Shandong Province Science and Technology County-Benefit action plan,  in September 2011, it is listed as a national plan of action for science and technology. The company ‘s self-developed "glutamic acid fermentation liquid membrane technology and MSG industry clean production technology" is labeld as the top 10 ten demonstration projects Sustainable Development of Science and Technology in Shandong Province, By means of fermentation process optimization and metabolic regulation technology and integration of new separation technology, we can improve the rate of output and reduce the production cost.

        In December 2008, the company’s self-designed "outside the furnace boiler ash circulating means" achieved national utility model patents; in December 2010, its own "eco-fertilizer production waste fermentation technology” won the national invention patents ; in 2013, the company "bacteria hydrolyzate and its preparation method and application of protein "won the national invention patent. Its independent research "starch sugar glucose L- glutamic acid fermentation fed new technology" and "low sugar stream plus glutamic acid fermentation new technology" won Liaocheng City Science and Technology Achievement Award; The company’s self-developed "MSG production-linked organic fertilizer production technology research "," technology research monosodium glutamate amino acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer production and power "and" functional nutritional monosodium glutamate production technology " are approved as scientific and technological in Shandong province..
        To speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and product upgrades, in 2013, the Group invested RMB12 million to build a pilot platform with fully automated equipment, research and development of new products, new technologies, research results into productivity, corporate health, can be continued development of the foundation.