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          Company always adhere to the short-term goals and long-term planning, and the combination of economic and social benefits, build a conservation-minded enterprise development road, from the key link and minute details, rely on scientific and technological progress, technological innovation, continuous extension of industry chain, is beginning with corn, constructed the "farmers, corn, starch, fermented biological products, fertilizer, feed - customer", "raw coal production of electricity, steam, to produce the blues coal, slag, fly ash brick", "corn starch wastewater biogas, biogas power generation" the cycle of development patterns and industrial chain. In the process of corn processing, protein feed is produced by soaking water, corn husk, germ, protein powder, starch residue, sugar residue and bacteria protein. The organic waste water produced by fermentation produces high efficiency organic fertilizer. Production of new building materials from fly ash and slag produced by self-owned power plant; Each link of the waste are the effective control and utilization of all realize the comprehensive utilization of resources, conversion rate reached 119%, corn production got recycling waste heat pressure in the process, to realize the resources, make full use of energy.
          In 2017, compared with 2010, the total output value increased by 33.69%, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan decreased by 20.39%; COD emissions decreased by 55.9%; ammonia nitrogen emissions decreased by 67.1%; SO2 emissions decreased by 44.9%; industrial water reuse The rate is over 90%; the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste is over 95%.
          The company was rated as advanced enterprise of comprehensive utilization of resources in shandong province, advanced enterprise of energy conservation in shandong province and demonstration unit of circular economy in shandong province.