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      Food grade erythritol



      A sweetener made from high-quality corn as raw material and refined by biological fermentation. It is a white crystalline powder with a refreshing sweetness, not easy to absorb moisture, stable at high temperatures, stable in a wide pH range, and mild when dissolved in the mouth. Cool feeling, suitable for a variety of foods. With the continuous strengthening of people’s concepts of sugar-free, sugar control, and sugar reduction, healthy and natural sweeteners have become more and more popular. The characteristics of erythritol have gradually become people who want to be healthy and indulge in "sweetness". "The sugar substitute is preferred.

      Physical and chemical properties

      ★Low sweetness: The sweetness of erythritol is only 60%-70% of that of sucrose. It has a refreshing taste, pure taste and no bitterness. It can be used in combination with high-strength sweeteners to inhibit its high-strength sweeteners. The bad flavor.

      ★High stability: It is very stable to acid and heat, and has high acid and alkali resistance. It will not decompose and change under 200 degrees, and will not change color due to Maillard reaction.

      ★High heat of dissolution: Erythritol has an endothermic effect when dissolved in water. The heat of dissolution is only 97.4KJ/KG, which is higher than glucose and sorbitol, and has a cooling sensation when consumed.

      ★Solubility: The solubility of erythritol at 25°C is 37% (W/W). As the temperature rises, the solubility of erythritol increases, making it easy to crystallize and precipitate crystals.

      ★Low hygroscopicity: Erythritol is very easy to crystallize, but it will not absorb moisture in a 90% humidity environment, and it is easy to crush to obtain a powdered product, which can be used on the surface of food to prevent moisture and deterioration of food.

      Feature advantage

      ※Zero-calorie sweetener.

      ※The human body has a high tolerance.

      ※It has little effect on blood sugar and also has antioxidant activity.

      ※High heat of dissolution and absorption, high cooling sensation.

      ※It is produced by biological fermentation method, which is closer to natural transformation and extraction.

      ※Basically, it does not absorb moisture and has a wide range of applications.

      Applicable field
      Candy, chocolate, beverage, dairy, baked goods, sugar-free food, medicine, cosmetics and other products
      In order to ensure product quality, the company started by strengthening management, formulated complete quality job responsibilities, improved supplier evaluation system, raw material procurement acceptance system, raw material storage management system, formula management system, production equipment management system, product label management system, On-site quality inspection system, inspection management system, non-conforming product management system, customer complaint handling system, product recall system, personnel training system, record management system and other corporate management systems. The company adopts the "three checks" measures in the process of strict product quality control, that is, strictly control the purchase of raw materials. All batches of purchased raw materials must be strictly inspected, and those that are unqualified are not used; strictly control the production. Qualified semi-finished products are not allowed to be transferred to the process; strictly control the factory, and unqualified finished products are not allowed to leave the factory. The company regularly hires well-known experts in the industry and senior professors from colleges and universities to provide technical guidance and continuously improve product quality. The company's product indicators meet or exceed the national standard GB26404-2011 (erythritol).

      Executive standard: GB26404-2011 (erythritol)